July 25, 2015


28/52 {more than meets the eye}

As the primary carers, we see so many aspects of our children’s personalities – sometimes all in a matter of minutes. There are highs and lows, extroverted and introverted moments. We see them at their best and at their worst.

During the week, the song “Hold My Hand” came on over the speaker at home and I saw Charlie’s hips began to wiggle. Pretty soon there was a full dance routine being performed in the kitchen. This child, full of spark and imagination, is often rendered mute when we arrive in unfamiliar social settings and yet can talk under water when he’s at home. There is so much more to my middle child than meets the eye.

There is so much more to all of us than meets the eye.

But how often do we make a judgement call about someone – about the child you see having a tantrum in the shopping centre, or the parent raising her voice – without knowing the whole picture, the whole person?

As a parent of three very remarkable humans, I hope they are each given the chance to shine. I hope the people they encounter remember that everyone has good moments and bad moments, that there is more to them than just almond shaped eyes or an inability to speak in public or being loud in inappropriate moments.

I hope they see the beauty I see.


nicholas: That golden glow on your glowing face, as you waved us goodbye and headed off to find some mischief. “Wait for mum,” I instructed, only to be told “No” (your favourite word at the moment, but said in such a ridiculously cute way that I can’t help but smile) as you gave your signature wave and started walking away. Later, you were mesmerised by the big boys lighting the campfire, resting your head on the chair as you watched them. And those little toes. Oh my.

Mummalove_28-3 Mummalove_29-1charlie: You have recently decided that buttered muffins or crumpets, accompanied by your daily vitamin,s are the only acceptable items on the breakfast menu. I wonder what the next breakfast phase will be. You love snuggling into your Daddy for stories, but I did giggle hearing Daddy reading a Minecraft instruction manual, your book of choice, in soothing tones. 

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my youngest boys every week in 2015.


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