June 22, 2015


25/52 {bittersweet}

Mummalove 52-25-1-2

As a busy week approaches, it’s easy to focus on the hustle and chaos and feel overwhelmed before it even begins. But there is so much good ahead. And sometimes we need to experience the craziness to appreciate the serenity, we need to fumble around in the darkness to appreciate the light.

So we will endure a week of packing boxes and rearranging furniture before the next phase of our house renovations begin, knowing that (hopefully) soon we’ll be cooking in a new kitchen.

We will feel the sadness of saying farewell to Ben’s Grandma, but appreciate the opportunity to hear wonderful stories of her life and spend time with family and friends who we don’t regularly see.

We will keep busy washing clothes and filling suitcases, knowing that soon we’ll be sharing a holiday with my whole tribe at the beach.

We will try to be patient with crazy, overtired boys who are very ready for school holidays, knowing that soon they will be able to run wild with cousins, breathe in country air and enjoy lack of routines for a couple of weeks.

I will aim to breathe and make manageable lists knowing that, in the grand scheme of life, the kind of busy that involves planning for renovations and family holidays is probably the nicest kind of busy to be living through.

PS. Chocolate cupcakes were from a packet-mix, so no fabulous Thermomix recipes to share. Free from gluten and dairy but not even remotely sugar free.

Mummalove 52-25-1-3nicholas: You loved helping me bake some cupcakes for Sam’s birthday afternoon tea with Grandma and Grandad. It occurred to me that I normally cook while you’re having a nap, and I usually use the Thermomix, so it was a fun and messy session with a bowl, spoon and measuring cups. It was obviously so foreign to be baking something sweet with me that you weren’t even remotely interested in licking the bowl 😉 

Mummalove 52-25-4

charlie: You were quite happy to taste test a cupcake for me and couldn’t quite wait for Grandma and Grandad to arrive for afternoon tea, you were so hungry (as usual). Only a week to go until you’re on holidays, my darling. I know you are very ready for a break. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come in your first semester of school.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my youngest boys every week in 2015.


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