May 3, 2015


18/52 {offering it up}

Mummalove 52-18-5
Nicholas tries to convince Sam to turn the Wiggles music on on Mum’s phone. Complete with shoulder taps and looking Sam straight in the eye on occasion, I think it’s fairly clear he’s saying, “And hurry up about it.”

This week has involved far more vomit, sleep deprivation and washing in our household than is ever considered pleasant. And very heavy rain, there’s been lots of that too. A fair portion of which is still seeping into our downstairs flooring.

But, while not all sunshine and roses around here, it’s far from terrible and I know that it’s a blip on the parenthood radar that everyone goes through from time to time. This too shall pass.

For some people, though, the week that has passed has been truly devastating.

Thousands of people have lost loved ones in the earthquake in Nepal.

Two families, in particular, lost their boys. Boys who made a terrible mistake ten years ago and paid for it with their lives this week. For all our imperfections and mistakes in life, I’d like to think we are all worthy of redemption and mercy. My heart is heavy, but I am sure it’s nothing in comparison to what the Chan and Sukamaran families are feeling right now. I can only hope that they are comforted in some way by the stories of those Andrew and Myuran helped during their time in prison, and by the community of Australians who rallied to try and save them.

Lives have been lost in sudden and torrential downpours in our own city this week.

One wonderful mother in our local Down syndrome community is currently watching her son endure excruciating pain after the most recent of many surgeries, and just wants her gorgeous boy to be well again.

Refugee families searching for peace and freedom are held in horrendous living conditions in our own country.

Locally and internationally, there is so much suffering.

I know that none of the tragedies other people are experiencing make my life any easier, or make putting on yet another load of vomit-soaked sheets any more fun, but they certainly put my transient hardship into perspective.

Whenever I complained about anything as a child, my Mum would say “offer it up”. (Admittedly, Mum, it was kinda annoying at the time when I just wanted to complain about something. But I know where you were coming from).

My thoughts and prayers are with those doing it especially tough right now. I’m offering it up.

Mummalove 52-18-2 Mummalove 52-18-1nicholas: I love the way you hook your feet together when you’re sitting on a chair, reading a book or playing on the iPad. While the clear words are few and far between, you have been attempting so many more sounds lately (as long as I don’t ask you to say anything, which prompts immediate refusal to say anything ;)) I laughed when you refused to let me read a new book to you, but instead “read” it out loud to me, complete with all the animal noises.

Mummalove 52-18-4 Mummalove 52-18-3charlie: The photo above is a little blurry, but I love your smile in that naturally joyful state. You are keeping me on my toes at the moment, kiddo, but your cheeky grin, sparkly eyes and boundless imagination never fail to make my heart sing.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my youngest boys every week in 2015.


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