April 12, 2015


15/52 {loving}

Mummalove 52-15-13 Mummalove 52-15-12Loving fresh basil on the windowsill, and my new cup from LTCO, a present to myself on leaving Byron Bay and reminder of a beautiful week away with my family.

Loving finding selfies of my loves when I download photos off the memory card.

Mummalove 52-15-1

Loving having so many wonderful women in my life. Happy birthday to two of my bestest friends, who both had birthdays last week.

Loving opportunities to hang out with my littlest niece. She is a living doll.

Mummalove 52-15-9

Loving school holidays and the opportunity to just hang out with my boys. But we still have another week to go, so don’t quote me 😉

Loving that we’ve now reached a half-way point in Sam’s treatment. 19 months down and 19 months to go. Definitely worth celebrating.

Mummalove 52-15-6

Loving finally feeling a touch of cooler Autumn weather and needing to pull out the winter pyjamas. Who doesn’t love a toddler in a Bonds Wondersuit.

What are you loving at the moment?

Mummalove 52-15-2nicholas: When I see you in this photograph, it’s hard to deny you are evolving into a three year old and no longer a baby. Still a mini version, but definitely a boy now. Just like your brother, mumma, uncle and Grandad before you, the different pigmentation in your skin is becoming more obvious as you get older and spend more time in the sun. We are connected in more ways than one, you and I.

Mummalove 52-15-10charlie: When baby Polly came to visit, I was interested to see your nurturing side come out. You brought her toys and snuggled her with a blanket, and even put on a show for her. We have seen the theatrical Charlie come out so many times lately and wonder whether you’re destined for a life on the stage.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my youngest boys every week in 2015.


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