April 5, 2015


14/52 {happy Easter}

DSC_6006DSC_5998About a year ago, after seeing all the write-ups about the Byron Bay Bluesfest, my beloved Ben told me that going to this music festival had been on his bucket list for a really long time. I responded with a vague, “great, let’s go one day“, visualising us rocking out in our 50s with no children in tow. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure Ben was booking tickets and accommodation for 2015’s festival within the next few days. Got to love a man who makes things happen.

And here we are. Happy Easter from the beautiful, colourful and eclectic Byron Bay.

Going to a (very wet and muddy) five day music festival with three young children is no mean feat and is made far easier with the involvement of wonderful grandparents. It also involves the realisation that we are no longer 20-somethings with not a care in the world, so we are enjoying the festival experience balanced with having a holiday with our gorgeous boys. While impressed by the parents out there in the thick of things with their littles in baby carriers wearing earmuffs (and we did take the boys out on Friday to soak in some of the festival atmosphere), turns out we are just not that hard core. So we have been indulging in swims and beach time and scrabble and movies and reading and naps, but also sneaking out in gum boots to listen to great music into the wee hours.

We are grateful to spend this Easter weekend with our favourite people, ticking off a long-held dream in such a beautiful and festive part of the world. We are lucky.

Charlie. Looking stoked about being at Bluesfest.
Frank Yamma
Nikki Hill
Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue
Jake Shimabukuro

Mummalove-52-14-5  sam: {A bonus Easter Sam shot ;)} You love being in control, so were happier to run the Easter egg hunt than be part of it. I love when you nurture your younger brothers, whether it be lifting Nicholas out of bed when you hear him call out or coaching the boys on how to find the Easter eggs. It makes me giggle when I hear you teaching Charlie about how the world works – I love seeing things through your eyes. Some days I think you seem so grown up, and then I catch a glimpse of your beautiful chubby cheeks and soft skin and remember that six isn’t so big after all. 

Mummalove-52-14-6nicholas: With ready access to Mum, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and your favourite brothers, you are in heaven on holidays. While the pool is rather chilly and takes your breath away, you love being in the water and jumping (falling?) in to us from the edge. Turns out, you’re not that keen on loud music, but you are at home on the beach and throwing sand into the waves, not worrying about your sandy, wet clothes or the dogs who stop to say hi.

Mummalove-52-14-7charlie: You have been battling an addiction to Minecraft this week, happily creating your own little world but struggling when that timer goes off and it’s time to put the iPad away. You see, when you’re inside your Minecraft world, I miss seeing your imagination in action in the real world. I love your drawings and lists and all the stories you tell us. You are my dreamer.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my youngest boys every week in 2015.


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