March 29, 2015


13/52 {brotherly love}

Mummalove 52-13-6Mummalove 52-13-5The school term is winding to a close, and we’ve all been a bit worn out this past week. The man flu descended upon our home, which led to days of sniffles, abandoned plans and many cuddles with clingy boys. But sometimes it’s nice when the Universe sends us an opportunity to slow down and have quiet dance parties in the kitchen rather than racing from appointment to appointment. We gratefully received the quiet moments this week, but are also thankful that the virus appears to have now departed and everyone seems to be back to good health.

While we know the relationships between siblings can ebb and flow, often from one minute to another, it has been lovely to see Charlie and Sam playing beautifully together lately. The older boys are both great with Nicholas, but their relationship with each other tends to be quite tumultuous. Despite having very different personalities, they seem to have reached a common ground lately and hearing them giggle together, usually mischievously, and help each other is heartwarming. Undoubtedly they’ll be ganging up on us before long, but right now I love watching that brotherly bond emerge stronger with each day.

Mummalove 52-13-7 Mummalove 52-13-8nicholas: You love getting out on your bike, and this park is especially great as you can ride on the trails by yourself without getting into too much trouble. We went on a walk/ride together to the creek a few weeks ago which may have been a little ambitious. At one point, you refused to ride any further and I ended up carrying a rather heavy you and the rather heavy bike all the way home. Taking the bike in the car to the park is a far less strenuous option 😉 (PS. Sorry about the hat/helmet combo, buddy. You know your mother – safety first, followed closely by sun protection).

Mummalove 52-13-1charlie: We were so proud of you and Sam for getting out there and giving the school Cross Country a go. It was fairly clear you weren’t going to break any world records (despite telling us rather confidently a few weeks ago that you thought you might win the Cross Country), but, in true Charlie style, you ‘ran your own race’ and happily participated.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my youngest boys every week in 2015.


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  1. Oh those first pictures are just so sweet – definitely brotherly love in action! I love the hat helmet combo too, I think it looks great!!

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