March 22, 2015


12/52 {hip hip hooray}

Such a busy week of birthdays, and now we have a big five year old and an almost-as-big three year old in our family.

To finish off the week, we spent World Down syndrome Day (21 March) with some great friends, sharing a rainy afternoon of live music at the local bowls club. Given I often credit Nicholas for wonderful people in our lives that we may not have met if it weren’t for our rockin’ kids, it seemed a perfect way to spend a Saturday evening.

Now to roll into the second last week of term, for soon the Easter holidays will be upon us.  An adventure at the beach is just around the corner. Hooray.

Mummalove 52-12-1nicholas: I love this photo of you. You were deliriously happy to be at Charlie’s birthday party, eating popcorn, emptying the water cooler and wandering around like you were the brother of the birthday boy. While your third birthday didn’t bring quite as much fanfare as Charlie’s fifth, we certainly did celebrate the three years we have been blessed with you in our lives.

Mummalove 52-12-2charlie: The birthday joy was palpable. While you too excited by the presents to worry too much about playing with all your friends, you were genuinely happy that your friends from Prep had come along to celebrate. In many ways, you shy away from attention, but you were certainly happy to remind us that you were the “birthday boy” well into the night. I’m pretty sure you wished that day of turning five could last forever.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my youngest boys every week in 2015.


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