March 8, 2015


10/52 {unexpected joys}

As soon as I booked the big boys into the 4.30pm and 5pm timeslots for swimming lessons, with few other openings to choose from, I regretted it. I anticipated the late afternoon, the rushed dinner, the overtired children (and mother) with dread and consoled myself with the thought that it was only one term.

But Tuesday afternoons have brought unexpected joys. We have left school and headed straight for the pool, enjoying afternoon tea under a shady tree and delighting in the cool water on unseasonably hot days. We have enjoyed playing together in all the “fun” pools before the boys have enthusiastically taken their turn having a lesson with the swimming coach. I have watched on proudly as Nicholas spends hours uses his newly-walking legs to wander around in the shallow water and climb ladders, bravely approaching the waterslides all by himself. We have scrambled away from the giant tipping bucket of water and splashed in the aquatic wonderland. Everyone’s faces light up when we spot Daddy, as he joins us unexpectedly after work and the whole event turns into a family affair. All this fun feels rather indulgent for a Tuesday.

Sometimes we overthink the hardness. Sometimes we should just embrace the fun.

Mummalove 52-10-3nicholas: So much joy in playing that game of catch with Daddy across the window in the cubby. Oh how I miss that face and those chubby little arms when I’m away from you. You’ve started saying “what?” whenever one of us calls your name. It’s not very clear, but you are so consistent that I know exactly what you’re saying and exactly who you’re copying off 😉

 Mummalove 52-10-4charlie: That grin that means you’re doing something you’re pretty sure you shouldn’t be. I wish I had your energy. You become passionately involved in whatever you start, regardless of the time of day… usually just before it’s time for bed. As I type, I can hear your little feet stomping across the floorboards upstairs, far too late. 

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my boys every week in 2015.


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