February 15, 2015


7/52 {love}


We’ve never been ones to give Valentine’s Day more than a passing nod, but I can’t imagine feeling more loved than I do by all four of these boys, on 14 February or any day. And, I’m never more in love with my husband than when I see how much he loves these three ragamuffins. He makes my heart sing.

With the invitation to celebrate a Valentine’s Day wedding at Mt Tamborine with some lovely friends, we took the opportunity to escape for two nights and enjoyed the peace that accompanies being sans children. Oh the tranquility. It was a fun weekend, a beautiful wedding celebration and a much needed break for two weary souls.

But I did love seeing those three little faces when we returned today.

52-7-3charlie: Before we’d even made it to the front gate after our weekend away, you had run up the stairs and leapt into my arms, wrapping your spindly arms and legs around me. I missed you too. Your enthusiasm for school and thirst for knowledge is making me so happy at the moment, and I loved watching you practise writing your name this afternoon. 

52-7-4 52-7-5nicholas: Whenever you see the camera, you tilt your head and say “cheese”, more than happy to pose and perform when you’re in the mood. In amidst all the real life and chaos, your presence is such a shining light in our lives. If you’re having a cuddle with me and Daddy or one of the boys walks past, you call them in for a group hug. You are the glue, and I just can’t imagine our family without you in it.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my boys every week in 2015.


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