January 6, 2015


52/52 {a project's end}

Today, I picked up the Nikon again for the first time in weeks. It felt good. Comfortable and familiar. I like taking photographs when it feels good, when I feel relaxed and the moment seems right. It’s funny how across the festive season, when it would seem important to capture memories with a more sophisticated camera, it’s the furtherest thing from my mind. I think that has been the case across this year – that so many of the photographs I captured week to week were from the minutiae of our life, rather than any particularly significant events.

Despite managing to commit for the first 50 weeks of the 52 Project, I appear to have fallen off the wagon in the last few weeks. Such is life. My final shots in a well documented year are just from my iPhone, but still important little moments to treasure, however they were captured.

I have loved taking photographs each week in the 52 project and sharing them with you.

I have loved watching the faces of my beloved boys grow and change with the weeks across the year.

I have loved learning how to better utilise the camera, how to be a little more creative each week so that all the shots don’t look the same.

I have loved having a reason to be in this little Mummalove space more regularly, and interested to see how the images and words and thoughts flow more easily in some weeks than others.

I love that I now have a visual record of 2014, from random moments shared and enjoyed across 52 little weeks that seem to fly by.

Thank you for sharing this little heartspace with me, for your kind words and encouragement across 2014, for being part of my tribe. It means the world.

Annie x

PS. If you’re interested in being part of the 52 Project in 2015, head on over to Practising Simplicity for the details x

52-52-2charlie: We had a rare moment of just-the-two-of-us amidst weeks of all being together 24/7, and it was so lovely to hang out with my middle boy. The girls at the homewares store whispered when they saw the celebrity superhero (Iron-Man) walk through the doors, but you confidently told them that superheroes weren’t actually real 😉 We snuck in a rare ice-cream treat before returning home. 

52-52-1sam: Oh, my nurturing little soul, how you love babies. You were such a proud big cousin, holding your newest baby Polly so carefully when you met her for the first time. You are so good with the little ones.

52-52-3nicholas:  I love this photo of you and I, my little blonde, blue-eyed twin. I love the twinkle in your eye and how grown up you look and how much we adore each other. 

I am so grateful for your thoughts and comments, so please reply below.

  1. Hi Annie, I have absolutely loved reading your posts. You have the most beautiful loving family. I hope you keep writing and taking photos! Give Charlie a special hug from me and wish him well for Prep. Love, Chrissy Warner

  2. You did well lovely. 52 weeks you filled me with a bit of inspiration and a bit of your positivity. Have loved it. What I now need from you is help naming my blog. I’m getting ready for the blog tracking our holiday and I want to track the lead in too, but I have no inspiration on names for the blog… Ideas welcome! X

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