November 12, 2014


Taking Stock {november}

Nothing like a little list to take stock and remember where we’re at.


Making : Christmas lists
Cooking : lamingtons from The Healthy Chef. Didn’t quite get to the chocolate and coconut bit.
Drinking : more lemon and ginger tea
Reading : Carry On Warrior, by Glennon Melton Doyle. So good.
Wanting : Charlie to go to bed, far earlier than he ever does
Playing : Uno
Deciding : where to take our work team for a Christmas gathering
Wishing : someone else would make the school lunches tonight
Enjoying : time on the daybed in our backyard
Waiting : for my Beloved to return safely from overseas
Liking : my clever sister’s newest venture, an e-mag especially for Thermomix cooking
Wondering : how often Sam will end up sleeping in my bed while Daddy’s away
Loving : hearing my spunky husband’s voice in his new podcast
Pondering : whether to read another book in the Outlander series
Considering : an 800km bike ride through Thailand. I know, ridiculous, but true.
Watching : Playschool
Hoping : one day my children will eat the wholesome dinners I lovingly create for them
Marvelling : at my littlest Love finding his feet, taking tentative steps
Needing : more time and more sleep
Smelling : doTerra essential oils
Wearing : nothing glamorous
Following : Claire Bowditch on Instagram. Girl crush.
Noticing : more Christmas beetles flying wildly through our kitchen at night
Knowing : Christmas is just around the corner
Thinking : too many things
Admiring : Ben’s green thumb in our thriving veggie patch
Sorting : Lego, colouring implements and little boys’ toys, constantly
Buying : fruit and vegies
Getting : back on the netball court
Bookmarking : gift ideas at LarkStore
Disliking : steroids
Opening : an article on lasting relationships
Giggling : at this clip. Actually, I laughed so hard I cried.
Feeling : strangely calm, but weary
Snacking : on roasted macadamias
Coveting : a 50mm lens for the Nikon. Or maybe a whole new camera 😉
Helping : draw Ben10 characters in Charlie’s books. Hidden talents.
Hearing : the Afternoon Acoustic playlist in Spotify
Looking : forward to welcoming my newest niece or nephew into the world soon

Thanks to Pip and Jodi for the inspiration. If you’d like to take stock and make your own list, you can copy a blank one over at Pip’s hangout Meet Me at Mike’s.



I am so grateful for your thoughts and comments, so please reply below.

  1. We, my hubby and I (when we were child free care free hippies) bicycled 6000km through South America over 6 months. I learnt to ride about 5 months before we left (seriously I would fall off going round corners) and we crossed the Andes 1 month in. Do it I say!!
    We are dreaming of doing another bicycle trip in New Caledonia or New Zealand in a few years time with our littlies in tow…literally 😉

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