November 9, 2014


45/52 {flying solo}

Daddalove is away overseas for the next week, so I am practising my skills of focusing only on what’s important and asking for help when required. I am thankful for the beautiful village around us, happy to step up and lend support when we need it.

I know many parents often fly solo, and I’m sure we’ll be fine for ten days. In fact, sometimes I’m far more efficient when Ben’s away, because I know I just have to be. Now I just have to remember not to stay up too late reading every night.

Thanks to everyone who shared their top tips for flying solo with me on the Mummalove Facebook page this week. I did notice there seemed to be a theme to the suggestions… many revolving around wine 😉

Have a beautiful week (and wish me luck) x

PS. Ooh, I forgot to tell you that I wrote a blog post for Tula Baby Carriers for Down syndrome awareness month, which you can find here. Thank you to Georgia at Documenting Delight for the beautiful photos, and to Tula for sharing the love in October x

52-45-4nicholas: Happiness is playing with big cousins. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful village around you and your brothers, and loved an afternoon being loved up by your extended family. After more than a week of being sick, you are still a little extra clingy and feisty at the moment, but I am thankful to see you looking much better and back to your good sleeping habits again (Hallelujah). While I’d like to think I’m usually grateful for your good health, I am even more so after the past week.

52-45-1charlie: This week, you spent one morning at your ‘new school’ for Prep orientation, and loved it, and every morning since, you have been asking when you’ll get to go back to school. It was nice to see you so happy and comfortable in a somewhat familiar, but new-to-you, environment. This week, you have a newfound love of Ben10 (and were very happy to inherit Sam’s old shirt), even though I don’t think you’ve ever seen the show, and you have been looking up pictures of Ben10 aliens so you can write stories about them. 

DSC_2791sam: Like many of your friends, you are getting tired (and a little ratty) as the school year draws to a close, but I can see that my Preppie is very ready to take that leap into Grade One. You are often keen to be among the big boys, doing what they are doing, and I think sometimes you forget you’re still only six. Maybe we forget how much you’ve had to grow up over the past year. Dad and I try to remember that the three of us are still learning when it comes to our biggest boy growing up, and pushing boundaries is important for all of us. As I overheard Daddy telling you this week, you are one of the most generous, wholehearted boys we know and we are so proud of you.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of each of my boys every week in 2014.


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