October 30, 2014


What a Child with Down Syndrome Might Do {guest post}

It seems hard to believe that Kat has been on the ‘Down syndrome scene’ for less than two years, with all she has achieved and all the people she has connected in that short time, whilst also holding down a full time job and being a single mum to two children. I am thankful to know this woman, filled with such passion and dedication and spunk. Thank you, Kat, for all you do and for sharing the Parker love here today. ~ Annie x


There are no guarantees in life. Having a great love, following a true passion, having a child.. it’s all a gamble. You won’t always take the most worn and travelled path as you create your own life story.. and that’s okay. My son Parker has Down syndrome, and is two years old. In his short life, he has inspired many people to do many things, and created some beautiful memories for our whole family. It can be a scary place, the first moments (and days and years) after your child receives a diagnosis of any sort. I can’t tell you it will be easy. And I can’t gloss over the medical issues that can come with a child with additional needs – after all, he was on oxygen until he was a toddler and am grateful to no longer need it. But maybe I can show you a little of what else you have in store… the potential of what COULD be. Here’s what your child MIGHT do. He might show you how to stop and smell the flowers. Flowers He might breastfeed until he is 16 months old. Breastfeed He might become a model for a children’s boutique. Model He might go through your tissues like crazy. Tissues He might be rather bossy about telling you when he wants his nappy changed. Nappies He might become best friends with Geoff the oxygen delivery man, the mail man, the fruit box guy, the ambulance officers, the neighbours, or anyone else who chooses to regularly visit him and enjoys cuddles and an occasional poke in the face. Deliveryguy Your child might inspire someone to run a marathon just for him, on the other side of the world in America. RunforUS Or even in Europe. RunforEurope He might be the best thing that ever happened to his big sister or brother. “Mum, if I didn’t have Parker, I just.. I don’t even.” Sister You might find him hanging out on inner city store windows. Citywindows It might freak him out though. Freakout He might inspire 50 people to jump in a mug and snap a photo, to raise awareness for a Down syndrome morning tea day. Teacup He might get stuck into the presents BEFORE Christmas morning. christmas Your child might instantly make people feel a little better when they need it, just by being himself. feelbetter He might be really good at yoga. yoga He might go to daycare fulltime, and enjoy every second of it. daycare Your child might really really really love Taco Tuesday. taco Or he might be a spaghetti monster. spaghetti Your child might rather enjoy the odd picture being taken of himself and say ‘cheese’ a lot

. cheese

Your child might wow the therapists and sometimes just do his own thing. Instead of adhering to low expectations, he might set his OWN pace through life, like every other child. 9mos Your child might wake in the morning, and reach for you. And while you lay there wearing the most precious of jewels around your neck, his small chubby arms, you might decide this child is the best thing that ever happened to you. final Kat is a single mumma of two, a public servant, a passionate advocate in the disabilities community, and writes a blog to educate on what life is like raising her son Parker, who has Down syndrome. You can read articles by Kat on Mamamia, or follow Parker and Kat over at her blog, or in their Facebook community, Parker’s Place.

I am so grateful for your thoughts and comments, so please reply below.

  1. I really liked this post! It just shows that life is fun! Parker seems a little person with a big heart! Thanks for sharing! Thanks for making people aware of how ‘normal’ life is with a kid with DS!
    I find it hard to explain, but for me it takes away the fear. Fears you would have if you would be expecting a child with DS. It shows ‘everything will be alright’, ‘don’t be afraid’. Thank you!

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