October 12, 2014



52-41-2charlie: I wonder how many photographs over the 52 weeks we’ll see you in your pyjamas. Getting dressed, especially over the weekend, is highly overrated (I wholeheartedly agree). I have been seeing so many glimpses of my Charlie bear turning into a big boy. You were a champion at swimming lessons this week, and I even heard a rumour that you did the actions to songs at kindy this week – a rare event.

52-41-3sam: It’s rare to see you sitting and playing with toys. You’re usually either playing some sort of sport or sitting quietly doing craft, writing or drawing. Your baby brother was quite fascinated in what you were doing. You have had a good first week back at school, back into routine and seeing your Prep friends again. You still ask me, days in advance, what we’re doing every afternoon after school, but thankfully we had at least one playdate and a birthday party for my social butterfly to look forward to this week

52-41-5nicholas: Another of my boys growing up quickly. Perhaps it’s that haircut that makes you look so much more like a big boy. Although your favourite word this week has been “Ut, ut, ut!” as you stand at my feet and beg to be picked up, so maybe you’re not ready to spread your wings just yet. Now that we have a baby carrier that actually fits my not-small boy, I have loved having you snuggle into me in our new Tula this week (and having my hands-free at the same time!) as we dash to do school pickup or go shopping – especially fitting in International Babywearing week.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of each of my boys every week in 2014.


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