October 10, 2014



God bless children for their ability to make us giggle. Here are some of the more memorable funny moments with our children over the past few years.


Mum: How was your morning at Aunty Bec’s house?

Charlie: Good. We played games.

Mum: Does she have a tv at her house?

Charlie: Nah. Just a bookshelf.



After a bath one night, I gave Nicholas a massage on a towel on his bedroom floor. When I’d finished, I put the lid on the massage oil and returned it to the basket under his change table. Nicholas got up, crawled over and retrieved the oil, crawled back to the towel and assumed the position on his back. Guess he wasn’t done with the massage yet 😉


Sam: I know what a stain is.

Mum: Oh, really? What is it?

Sam: A person that lived a long time ago…

Mum: Oh, you mean a saint? 😉


Charlie: I want a drink of water.

Aunty Bec: Okay. But what’s the special word you need to use?

Charlie: Thirsty!



One night while in hospital, Sam leaned over towards the buzzer.

Mum: What are you doing?

Sam: Pressing the buzzer to get the doctors.

Mum: Oh, what do you need them for?

Sam: I need more soy sauce for my sushi.


Charlie: How old is Dad?

Mum: Dad is 38.

Charlie: 38? Whoa. That’s a whole lot of old.


Sam appeared beside my bed early one morning. He looked past me and whispered, “Is that Dad?” (for the record, it was).


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