September 21, 2014


38/52 {spring has sprung}

DSC_0803When 1 September rolled around, a warm day marked the change of seasons and the beginning of Spring. And then it went back to being chilly. Now that we’re half way through September, it appears that Spring has now well and truly sprung and we are enjoying the warm sunshine, cool breezes, grass under our toes and longer days where we can enjoy the outdoors into the early evening. Whether it be jumping on the trampoline, digging in the sandpit, a picnic afternoon tea, or craft under the tree, our backyard is our happy place.

This weekend marks the beginning of school holidays for us, which we need to savour as I know the last term is going to go by in a flash. Sam’s class is already starting to transition to new morning routines in preparation for going into Grade One next year. I’m trying to be slightly less gung-ho these holidays and not overplan, given I burnt myself out last break 😉

October is only about a week away and, as it’s Down syndrome Awareness Month, I have committed to blogging for 31 days (in the 31 for 21 blogging challenge). Eeek. However, in an effort to still have a husband by the end of it, I have enlisted the help of lovely friends who will be sharing their voices and stories and images along with me in this space. I’m really excited about sharing the love with you all in the month ahead so {stay tuned}.

DSC_0796 DSC_0793 DSC_0801

52-38-5sam: My biggest Love, we had a tough start to the week with those nasty steroids wreaking havoc with you. Thankfully, you were pretty excited about participating in your sports carnival mid-week and it was lovely to see your spark return on Wednesday morning as you got to don your yellow shirt, ready for races, ball games and other activities. Daddy and I were so proud of watching you put so much effort in at the carnival. You were also very excited about your ‘hobby day’ at school on Friday, which was a fun way to end the term and start the holidays.


charlie: The arrival of some surprise presents from overseas mid-week led to hours of entertainment as you played with your new Transformers (thank you family!). You love playing outdoors in the afternoons and often it’s dark before you even think about coming inside. You weren’t very interested in going to bed that night, instead preferring to play with the beloved new Transformers, and later I found you sound asleep with one of the toys still firmly grasped in your hand. 

52-38-3nicholas: The trampoline is always the first place you want to visit when you get into the backyard. You frantically signing ‘jump’ and stand at the ladder until we lift you on, and then you very clearly communicate that you want us to come on and jump with you. I’m sure you would stay on there for hours on end if you could, loving to stand up and fall over, sit on us, “roll, roll, roll” and play with the ball. You very cleverly worked out the zips on the net pretty quickly, so you also love to let people on and off or just poke your head out and wave to everyone on occasion. I love your crazy trampoline hair.  

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of each of my boys every week in 2014.


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