August 31, 2014


35/52 {grateful}

Grateful for tough conversations that break you open and make you better and stronger and more free.

Grateful for being able to celebrate a baby sister on the precipice of 30 and motherhood, and all that she brings to my life.

Grateful for some rare space with my husband.

Grateful for the power of music to transport me back in time.

Grateful for incredible women in my life and the gift of sharing stories.

Grateful for perspective.

Grateful for three noisy, chaotic, beautiful boys.

So grateful.

52-35-2nicholas: After a grey weekend, it was lovely to see the sunshine return and have more park plays this week. Just like your brothers, you generally like to start a visit to the park by eating. Your blue Tupperware lunchbox is your prized possession and God help anyone if they try to take it off you before every item has been consumed 😉 After all the eating is finished, your favourite parts of playing at the park are filling your hat with bark and going down slippery slides.

52-35-4bwsam: I’m pretty sure my favourite bit of motherhood is watching the relationships develop between you and your two brothers. The bond between each of the boys is unique and has both strengths and weaknesses, but all in all, there’s a lot of love around here. You wanted me to capture a quick shot of you and Nicholas together before you went off to school and, judging by that face, I’m pretty sure your baby brother loves you to the moon and back.

52-35-7charlie: You have been a prolific writer and illustrator of books this week.- I think I lost count after about the ninth one. Most days begin and end with wanting me or Daddy to sit with you and write the words while you dictate the story, and then you finish each page with pictures, and at bedtime each night we read the books together. Being an author has taken priority over pretty much anything this week, even eating and sleeping. I love your stories, your imagination, your creativity, your passion.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of each of my boys every week in 2014.


I am so grateful for your thoughts and comments, so please reply below.

  1. Oh my, Annie, that picture of Sam and Nicholas is so special. The look on Nicholas’ face says it all. I looked more closely at Sam’s face, it’s clear that the bond and love between the brothers is immeasurable. How beautiful!

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