August 10, 2014




nicholas: We’d been at the farm for about five minutes when you crawled outside and sat on the grassy hill. I think we found your happy place. You had such a beautiful weekend at the farmstay, happily patting the animals as we fed them and snuggling into me as the tractor ride lulled you to sleep. I loved watching the sunshine light up at your golden hair.

DSC_0497sam: You spent much of the weekend writing farm-related lists and drawing pictures. I loved the beautiful note you wrote for the ‘frm pipil’ (farm people) to thank them for our stay and ask if we could come again ‘anuder tim’ (another time). You enjoyed the animal feeding and tractor ride, but I think the highlights of the weekend were the daddies vs sons game of soccer and the nightly lighting of the campfire. Oh, and toasting marshmallows was pretty great too. The best fun is usually had when you’re spending quality time with Daddy.

DSC_0516charlie: Oh, what campfire yarns are you telling us. You have so many stories to share from that imagination of yours. You weren’t particularly interested in feeding or touching the animals on the farm, but you loved playing with your friends, especially in the farm’s cubby, and pretending to be the troll under the foot bridge, ready to scare the three billy goats.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of each of my boys every week in 2014.


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