July 20, 2014



52-29-5What I have learned this week…

Leg hugs are the best.

Next school holidays, I should pace myself. I may have thought I was keeping us all busy for the sake of my sanity, because apparently it would be easier to be out and about, with everyone occupied, than it would be at home. But I think I just burnt myself out in the process. Lesson learned.

When tragedies happen in the world, it makes travelling family members feel so much further away. Thankfully, it’s been confirmed that mine are safe, but I know hundreds of families have not been so lucky. My thoughts are with all who are grieving over yet another airline disaster right now.

“Life will get less busy when Event X is over” appears to be a futile statement. Another Event X will inevitably appear on the horizon before long. Life is just busy. I may as well work out how to create a calmer existence in general, so that we’re better prepared in those extra busy times.

And probably a million other things. The internal dialogue is rarely quiet.

What did you learn this week?

52-29-4nicholas: The boys were back at school and kindy this week, so we finally had a chance to hang out together by ourselves. You love being outside on the trampoline, so that’s usually first on your agenda. You have made me giggle so many times this week. My favourite was you telling the big kids to “stop!” (repeatedly, complete with hand gestures and loud ranting in between) as they ran down the road ahead of us. Lucky we have you to keep those ragamuffins under control 😉

52-29-1charlie: Newly shorn and looking contemplative as you play with your friend in the cubby and explain the ways of the world to her. Oh, I love listening to four year old conversations. You fluctuate between quiet and shy, and chatty and theatrical, depending on the mood and audience.

52-29-6sam: “Mum, can you make a mohawk in my hair?” On investigation, it appears the reasoning behind it was just because your hair is long enough to make into a mohawk these days. And, sometimes buddy, ‘just because you can’ is a good enough reason – especially when it comes to those locks growing back.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of each of my boys every week in 2014.


I am so grateful for your thoughts and comments, so please reply below.

  1. Lovely as always Mrs Love.
    Amen to the never ending Event X’s. I daily struggle to find peace and joy in the mayhem, and definitely do it better some days than others. As is life.
    Lately I have learned that there is too much information and not enough processing time! A self imposed internet/blog searching/reading break for the school holidays led to a much calmer, much happier me. Now begins the battle to find the balance between research and panic, learning and avoidance, and to try and listen to my opinion first once in a while. I have lots, just ask Mark.
    Love to you and yours.

    1. What important lessons to learn, Mrs Green. Here’s to finding peace and joy in mayhem, and listening to our own opinions first. Much love back to you xx

  2. It’s good to learn to let things go… Leg hugs are all that matter 🙂 This week I have learned that no matter how much I clean, afterwards I will turn around to see my 19 month old tornado behind me, and it will be worse than when I started. Ha ha… lucky he’s cute.

    1. Ha ha. Nicholas has taken to emptying my bedroom drawers lately, so I know that feeling! My house always looks like a tornado hit it, if it’s any consolation 😉 x

  3. Gorgeous photos of beautiful little people! We also have weeks where we are out and about everyday and then I crave slow simple days spent at home with my girls recovering! I think it’s important to deliberately slow life down sometimes 🙂 x

  4. What gorgeous faces you have to photograph! Those stunning eyes (also, every family needs someone to keep everyone in order!). I hear you on the never ending big events. We are planning a trip to the States to visit my husbands family later in the year…makes me a little nervous. But yeah…I absolutely can’t over think this!

    1. Oh, how exciting. I can imagine a big trip must make you feel nervous, but it’ll be great – just assume the travelling bit either end will be a bit crap, and anything better is a bonus 😉 I love the States. Thanks for your stopping by, and hope the trip is fabulous xx

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