June 29, 2014


26/52 {happy half-way mark}

Here we are, at Week 26 and half way into the 52 Project.

This week marks the end of the second school term. It has been a busy week and I know two boys who are ready for a break, ready for some lazy starts to the day. The winter weather is so beautiful around here – chilly mornings with magnificent blue skies and warm winter sunshine spreading out across the day. It will be lovely to make the most of it as we enjoy some winter holiday activities. We have plenty of ideas to keep us busy.

This mumma is ready for a break too. Ready to worry less about routines, uniforms and making lunches, and more about staying in pyjamas a bit longer, making cubbies and playing games. Ready to worry less about what I’m not achieving and more about living in the moment, soaking in every bit of these three ragamuffins.

52-26-4nicholas: After we’ve dropped the boys to school and kindy, we like to come home and hang out together in the sunshine. There’s so much climbing and crawling and exploring to be done. You love to tip your bottles and cups upside down to make all the water drip out and giggle if I catch you being cheeky. I’ve loved hearing a few new words this week, like ‘stop’ and ‘go’, and you are trying lots of new signs too. 

52-26-1charlie: It was a fun last week of kindy, complete with Under-8s week celebrations at a local primary school. You weren’t so keen on going inside the Fire Engine, Police car or Ambulance, but you did love watching the ‘volcano’ science experiment, and you and Nicholas delighted in discovering all the coloured pillows in the reading tent. You two have a very similar imaginative style of play and it’s so lovely to hear all the giggles as you share a game. 52-26-6

sam: One of the medications you’re on mean that our usually happy, resilient, independent boy is a bit out of sorts at the moment. Sometimes it feels as though we have a stranger amongst us, but we know it’s only a few days until you’ll be back. You were pretty happy to find these cosy Super Mario Brothers pyjamas in the hand-me-downs from your cousins, so it seemed fitting to wear them to Grandma’s for dinner. We’re sure she didn’t mind pyjamas being the dress code.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of each of my boys every week in 2014.


I am so grateful for your thoughts and comments, so please reply below.

  1. Oh, Annie, this journey of yours is full of challenges most of us will never know. Sam is such a brave little guy. And how fair has his hair gotten as it’s grown back in? I could have sworn he was more brunette like his daddy…

    And how great is it to hear new words? Harlow’s language is only really beginning to explode now and it’s cuter than I can express!

    Charlie is heaven, as per usual. I think I have an extra soft spot for your mini-me. 😉

    1. You are lovely. Sam’s hair definitely was a bit darker, like daddy, but seems to have grown back very fair. I think it will darken up as it gets thicker – right now, it’s baby soft 😉

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