June 22, 2014




With a few winter sniffles this week, we have laid low, stayed warm and enjoyed some quiet days at home, rediscovering forgotten toys. Watching Nicholas play alongside his brother and delight in the assembled train set, just like any two year old boy might, made my heart sing. ‘Normal’ moments like these, that we wondered if we would ever enjoy when we first received the Down syndrome diagnosis, seem to take on new meaning. If going through that dark time means that we can truly enjoy the beauty of these simple joys, like sunlight streaming through the window on a winter’s day and two boys playing together around a train set, then it was totally worth it.

Our love and prayers go out to three particular families in the international Trisomy 21 community this week who are grieving the loss of their little ones. After coming to terms with a Down syndrome diagnosis and realising that we have been given an incredible yet unexpected gift, only to have that gift taken away, is beyond devastating. I can only imagine the heartbreak these families are going through. For these three families, and for all parents who have had to bear the unfathomable loss of a child, you are in our hearts x


sam: My biggest boy, you seem so much more grown up this week with your newly acquired age of six. Today we decided to make a restaurant, so you wrote out the menu and took orders and even made and served the lunches to the boys (thankfully, it was a short-order kitchen – just like Mum provides on a daily basis). While you still get tired and emotional, like the best of us, you so often display maturity and nurturing beyond your years and I often wonder how I got so lucky being chosen to be your mother. 



charlie: Oh, I just couldn’t decide between these two shots. I love your beautiful lashes, but you did make me laugh when you got down on the floor and said, “Mum, take a photo of me like this so it looks like I’m flying!” You were overjoyed to have a turn of Sam’s new Superman outfit while he was at school. I am observing you carefully and learning new things about you each day.

52-25-5nicholas: As the weather cools down, I am enjoying fishing out the winter clothes and seeing what my big two year old boy fits into this season. While perhaps not doing everything that two year olds might be, you are definitely moving into new territory and developing into a (little) ‘big boy’, and that line between you and your big brothers is starting to blur. You are so cheeky, twisting and turning on the change table to avoid a nappy change and crawling away at lightening speed when you need to get dressed. The toddler tantrum makes an occasional appearance too, but thankfully they are brief… and you’re still cute enough to get away with it 😉

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of each of my boys every week in 2014.


I am so grateful for your thoughts and comments, so please reply below.

  1. I so love seeing your gorgeous photos and reading your heart felt words about your absolutely delightful boys Annie. I’m going to miss your posts when the 52 weeks are up…..are you sure there isn’t an option for 52 months, or even better, 52 years? Love you all x

    1. If it’s any consolation, I’m a bit hooked too so I can’t imagine not starting another 52 weeks next year…not sure about 52 years though 😉 Thank you sweet pea xx

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