May 25, 2014




DSC_8606charlie: This afternoon, you decided you wanted to make ‘Dinosaur Cupcakes’, so you cooked up a concoction of water, sugar, avocado, raspberries and tamari to make that happen. It definitely needed to go in the hot oven, and your ingredient list definitely needed to be written down on the notebook that lives inside the front pocket of your apron. You were a little disappointed with the results of the cooking session, so we decided to make pancakes instead, which were devoured for afternoon tea when Sam came home from school.


sam: You love to jump on the trampoline, but much prefer it if Mum or Dad jump with you (and, although we may complain, it keeps us fit and young too 😉 ). Honestly, we are just so happy to see you jumping around and active as any other almost-6 year old. This week has marked the end of your eight months of intensive treatment and next week you begin ‘Maintenance’, which hopefully means we have a lot less hospital time in our future and whole lot more of healthy, happy Sam doing what kids do. There’s still 2.5 years of the Leukaemia treatment program ahead of us, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

52-20-4nicholas: While the big boys were at school and kindy, we had fun playing with a balloon and a fly-swatter (which we use as a toy, not for swatting germy flies, just in case you’re wondering 😉 ) You impressed me with your hand-eye coordination in batting away the balloon, and I loved your squeals of delight as the balloon was floating down to you. We were very excited when you stood up (from sitting position) all by yourself this week. You love showing us how clever you are at standing (for a few seconds) and then land on your bottom and proudly clap at your achievements. We should enjoy the crawling while it lasts…before we know it, we’ll be chasing you!

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of each of my boys every week in 2014.


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  1. Will we be seeing Charlie in Junior Masterchef? You can tell him he inspired me to make pancakes this morning for our breakfast, though I doubt they were nearly as good as his as Paddy-man didn’t want to eat them 🙂 Lovely to hear that Sam is through the intensive treatment part. Gorgeous photo of him. The happiness and joy in the picture of Mr N is contagious 🙂

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