April 20, 2014



Happy Easter!

IMG_5543IMG_5615We are enjoying the opportunity to spend the Easter long weekend at home, catching up with friends and family and relishing a few quiet days together before the school holidays draw to a close. I love the downtime over the school holidays and not having to be anywhere in particular, but inevitably start looking forward to a return to routines and structured days again by the end of the break. But I may change my mind again after a few days of packing lunches, making sure uniforms are washed and ready and all the drop-offs and pick-ups involved 😉

IMG_5616Last week, we were lucky enough to spend the week away at Noosa. We went to our very first ‘family camp’, hosted by the amazing team at Camp Quality, for two nights and hung out at a resort with about 15 other families who have a child going through (or completed) Cancer treatment. It was a great chance to connect and relax and have fun and share stories with people who just ‘get it’ and we were spoilt with activities such as a river cruise, fishing and parent massages, as well as access to all the resort facilities.

IMG_5465Given we were going to be away anyway, we thought we’d make the most of the opportunity by staying a few extra days and have a long overdue Love family getaway, something we’d been promising ourselves for a time when Sam’s treatment would be less intense. While it wasn’t our most relaxing week away, for many and varied reasons (but, then, is it ever that relaxing with three children under six?? 😉 ) it was lovely to have a change of scenery and make some precious memories with our little men. Over the week, Sam caught his first-ever fish, we did lots of swimming, indulged in fish and chips for dinner by the river, and Ben and I even managed to finish our books. It also made us realise how important it is for our sanity to have little escapes, so we started dreaming about and planning for the next one.

So, with a little context to the photos below, here are the three favourite portraits of my boys for week 16. I broke my rule this week and included a photograph that was actually taken by my talented husband – the shot of Nicholas on the beach. It was too beautiful not to share.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying a safe, happy and relaxing Easter with the ones you love xx

52-16-2sam: My little fish, you were in heaven having access to a pool for the week at Noosa. It’s been wonderful watching your confidence in the water grow over the past six months and you tried to fit in as much swimming and diving as you possibly could this week. 

52-16-1charlie: Although you are very capable of swimming, we call you our little limpet in the water as you much prefer to be attached to Daddy or me. You loved having extra Daddy time on our holiday this week.

52-16-3nicholas: Our little (fully clothed) trip to Main Beach for an ice-cream at sunset turned into a wet and sandy adventure, as you were desperate to crawl through puddles and the boys chased each other through the waves. So we took off your clothes and, as the sun went down, the golden glow kissed your skin and you delighted in splashing in the water. We snuggled your sandy body up in a big towel and took you home for a bath before it got too dark. 

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of each of my boys every week in 2014.


I am so grateful for your thoughts and comments, so please reply below.

  1. Gorgeous bunch of babes! Excellent choice to include Ben’s pic.. I think Nicky has won this blog post. He has a slight sense of victory around the eyebrows as he sits there thoroughly contented in his dripping soggy nappy next to a glorious view!! xx Kat

    1. 😉 Thanks for your lovely message Helen. We probably don’t take advantage of the beach nearly as much as we should, given it’s only an hour’s drive away, so it was great to have the week up there x

  2. Such gorgeous photos of all your boys………you can see that they’re really enjoying themselves. So glad you had the opportunity to get away to the beach (away from the usual daily routines). Happy Easter to you, Ben and your three beautiful boys. xoxo

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