March 16, 2014



52-11-3nicholas: Despite being filthy from playing in the water and dirt, you still look angelic with that beautiful afternoon light on your oh-so-blonde hair. And your shirt is right – your dad totally rocks. 

52-11-1Charlie: My little Batman, less than a week until you are a big four year old. Oh how you both delight and frustrate us. You would never leave the house or get out of your superhero costumes if you didn’t have to, which makes getting everyone out the door in the mornings quite difficult, but I do love watching your imagination in action and hearing the delight in your voice as you show us your new creations.


sam: A very big moment – you lost your first tooth this week. After weeks of being wobbly, the little tooth finally fell out one afternoon while you were with Grandma but you rang me straight away with the exciting news. You were a little skeptical about the presence of the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy earlier in the week, but after you woke up to a gold coin in place of your tooth in your very beloved tooth fairy boy’s pocket, you announced to me in no uncertain terms that the Tooth Fairy MUST be real.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of each of my boys every week in 2014.


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