January 5, 2014



As I begin this new year of 2014, I’ve decided to join in the lovely Jodi at Practising Simplicity (previously Che and Fidel) in the 52 Project and post a portrait of each of my boys each week of the year. (I also love the beautiful Georgia’s daily photography over at Documenting Delight, but frankly I’m thinking it’s going to be a stretch doing a weekly photograph, let alone a daily one!). I’m looking forward to the opportunity to pick up the camera more often and capture simple moments with my rapidly growing boys over the year, and hopefully hang out in this little Mummalove space on a more regular basis.

And thus I begin.52-1-2

sam: on these crazy hot days, you delight in running around shirtless, laughing with a mischievous cackle and a twinkle in your eye.52-1-3

charlie: if your beloved big brother is going to poke his tongue out in a photo, then you must, of course, do the same. you drive each other crazy and you are the best of friends. you look extra cheeky with your newly shaved hair with its array of colours now visible.


nicholas: indulging in one of mum’s home made ice blocks on a ridiculously hot day, endlessly entertained by those big brothers.

I’m going to link all the portrait posts I take as part of the 52 Project above in the menu. Enjoy! x

I am so grateful for your thoughts and comments, so please reply below.

    1. Thank you! They are pretty cute little characters, all so different. I loved looking through your photos too – how divine is your sweet little Saxon?? Just beautiful! Hope you’re enjoying the adventure of being mum to two x

  1. Nicholas’ cheeky little grin and beautiful eyes caught my attention in Jodi’s linkup straight away! I’m a mum to three boys myself, and they love running around shirtless too. Beautiful captures x

    1. Thank you – I really appreciate you saying so, especially after looking through your beautiful photos! Three boys are pretty special – I consider myself pretty lucky. Looking forward to sharing the 52 journey with you over the year x

    1. Thank you! And how handsome is your little boy?? Very gorgeous! I couldn’t work out how to leave a comment (possibly just having a tech-unsavvy moment!), but loved looking at your beautiful photos and look forward to sharing the 52 journey with you x

    1. Knowing your three, I consider you an expert on beautiful children – so thank you 🙂 I am looking forward to doing the project and having a bit more structure (and incentive) to capturing photographs of my little Loves xx

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