August 25, 2013


Little List


Inspired by these little lists over at Meet Me at Mikes and Motherwho, here’s a little Love list of my very own…

Making : plans for more renos

Cooking : lots of experimental gluten, dairy and sugar free foods

Drinking : lattes without sugar and attempting green smoothies

Reading : a large pile of books beside my bed, but loving Daring Greatly by Brene Brown at the moment

Wanting : a 7-seater car so we can do some car pooling when Sam starts school next year

Looking : through the camera differently after doing a one-day basic photography course recently

Playing : netball…not very well, but loving it nonetheless.

Wasting : not very much food now that I have my beloved Thermomix. Somehow manage to make something out of anything.

Sewing : toy bunnies (well, trying). A wonderful mum I know is gathering assistance making bunnies for babies in NICU, in honour of her beautiful daughter who died last year. If you want to join in, leave a comment below and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Wishing : my big sister lived a bit closer than Nashville, USA.

Enjoying : Glee playlists on Spotify (Oh so much. Should I be admitting that??)

Waiting : for my beloved to walk through the door every evening

Liking : clever people who follow their dreams and create new things, like this

Wondering : whether winter has ended in Brisbane.

Loving : our new verandah, thanks to our fabulous builders

Hoping : my Mum and Dad have a safe and fabulous time on their travels

Marvelling : over how much love there is between three small brothers

Needing : a little more quiet time for creativity

Smelling : this beautiful pink grapefruit bodywash by Mukti. Divine.

Wearing : a very funky, baby-friendly necklace from Tiny and I (thanks Kara!)

Following : my hip and happening 70-something parents who are now on Instagram.

Noticing : how much Sam loves to craft at the moment. A boy after my own heart.

Knowing : I should be going to bed earlier more often and exercising more

Thinking : about lots of food and lifestyle changes

Feeling : blessed and happy

Bookmarking : lots of home inspiration in Real Living magazine

Opening : the door to Nicholas’ room in the morning – my favourite part of the day

Giggling : when Overhearing conversations with Charlie. Oh he makes me laugh.

If you want to join in, head over to Pip’s list and copy and paste the blank version. And leave me a note below to let me know if you’re playing too – would love to read your list x


I am so grateful for your thoughts and comments, so please reply below.

  1. Oh, I love your list Mummalove <3… I too am reading Brene Brown (for the second time now!)… And if you haven't already seen it, I'm sure you will love her 'Parenting Manifesto' which you can download from her website. It's gold. -Mel x

  2. Love this list, Annie! Now that I’m giving my much-neglected blog a little more attention in the hope we might stay together a bit longer, I think I might have to give this a go! xx

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