February 12, 2013


Catching Up

Hi. So, it’s February, but I do want to say a long-overdue Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Bit late, I know. Sorry. Oh, I have missed you so.

Just to recap and get you back in a festive mood, here are a few Christmas shots of the Love boys for you.




After things got a little crazy before Christmas, we did in fact slow down. For the week before Christmas, we went away with most of my siblings and their families on our annual ‘Mitchell holiday’ to the hinterland of a little old place called Byron Bay – 30 of us in total, including 16 grandchildren (aged between 4 months and 21 years), all in one house. Yes, one house. It sounds absurd, I know, but I am very lucky that we all actually enjoy spending time together and this annual week away together in the week before Christmas is one of the year’s highlights. And our boys love it because it’s one big cousin-fest and they adore their cousins. We had a week filled with swimming, slip-n-sliding, backyard cricket and football, scootering, noisy dinners, board game sessions, cocktails and lots of food (including personalised pancakes), and the wonderful week was finished off with a ‘family concert’ where everyone gets to show off their talents. It may not be the most relaxing of holidays (or maybe that’s just because we have three kids under five and no holiday is ever relaxing??), but it sure is fun.

DSC_3472 DSC_3575 DSC_3870DSC_3852DSC_4007

When we arrived back home a few days before Christmas, there was a very special surprise waiting in our backyard – our very own trampoline. Santa was very generous and, knowing how excited we would be about this gift, even had the elves deliver it a bit early. We really enjoyed a few quiet days at home for the boys to jump to their heart’s content, as well as finish off a few bits and pieces ready for Christmas day.


For us, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent celebrating with different parts of our family (but who all live in the same city, thankfully), and sharing lots of fun, gifts, food and wine over various locations. Our children are so blessed to be loved by a plethora of grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins, and they were certainly lavished with presents. On a very hot Christmas day, they particularly loved having water fights, even if it meant their new superhero outfits getting a little wet. I’m not sure about Sam, Charlie and Nicholas, but their Mum and Dad were certainly very weary by the end of the day and, it’s not confirmed, but there may have been a little nap on the trampoline once the boys were all tucked up in bed 😉

DSC_4193 DSC_4258DSC_4250DSC_4260 DSC_4357

In true Love fashion, our new year’s eve was very low key but absolutely perfect – sharing a backyard barbecue with some treasured friends, and all kids in bed by about 8pm, with the adults not far behind (seriously think it will be a long time before I want to stay up late enough to see the new year in!) How did you see in the new year?

I know it probably feels like a million years ago now, but however you celebrated Christmas, I hope it was a safe and happy one. The new year of 2013 is already flying and my baby is going to be a big one year old before long. More updates to come, but until then, good night x

I am so grateful for your thoughts and comments, so please reply below.

  1. Happy New Year Anne – love the pics of your beautiful boys. I am sure 2013 will bring much joy and happiness with those cheeky monkies growing bigger by the day! Ainsley

  2. Sounds perfect! Loved all the photos of your beautiful boys. I always try to stay up to see in the new year while napping on the couch waiting for the fireworks telecast. It’s always an anti-climax. Next year I’m going to be OK with tucking myself into bed earlier! xx

    1. We had a great NYE the year before, but stayed up too late with the boys and paid for it big time over the following three days (I swear under 4-s can have ‘hangovers’ without alcohol being involved!) So it was lovely to have a quiet, early celebration this year. Thank you x

  3. Great, as always, to read your updates, Annie. Thanks for all the effort you put into the everyday events and happenings of life and sharing this with us.

  4. Your crazy pre-Christmas family get together sounds so awesome. I envy that you’re all close enough to be able to hang out for an extended period of time!

    That’s a crazy beautiful family you’ve got going, Annie. Seriously cute, those three.

  5. Love this Annie! I have a lot of time & love for the whole Mitchell clan and your holiday always sounds awesome (even if exhausting!).

    We actually saw midnight this year for the first time in years! It was great 🙂


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