October 8, 2012


Evolving {and a giveaway}

Whenever I bring home a new baby, I agonise over when things should happen. When I should be getting him into a routine. When I should start bathing him every day. When I should start waking him up from sleeps, moving him into his own room, moving him into a big cot, feeding him solids… so many questions.

And then life evolves with our newest family member, and slowly but surely we fall into new rhythms, new patterns, new routines. Slowly but surely, the answers to the questions swimming around in my head start to be answered in their own time. And things just happen when they’re ready, when they’re right for us, our baby, and our family.

I’ve felt such a strong sense of that concept lately. With each child we have, each year that passes, I seem to relax more into that flow. I am trying to listen to my inner-voice more, trying not to tie myself in knots finding the right answer or be fighting against the wrong one. But it can be hard to ignore all the well-meaning advice sometimes and just listen to what your heart is saying.

And that’s not to say that everything does ‘just happen’ either. Sometimes life lessons can be uncomfortable and we do need to stretch ourselves, to move beyond the comfort zone to make things happen. And it can feel so good when we have a win. The hard bit is knowing the difference between feeling uncomfortable and fighting a lost cause, and sometimes that line can be very blurry. Sometimes our hearts need to hurt a bit  to work out what really matters, what we’re really capable of, how strong we really are.

PS. I was going to try and think of some poetic way to link the garden photos with what I was writing about. I failed. I just like the photos of Sam gardening and wanted to use them. I’ll let you make your own connection 😉

Nicholas and Charlie plot to take over the family.

I hope you’re enjoying the daily blog links and Instagram pics of Nicholas over on the Mummalove Facebook page in honour of Down syndrome awareness month. If you haven’t joined us yet, don’t be shy. Head on over and ‘like’ the page our posts appear on your news feed. If you don’t love Facebook but still want to read the blogs I’ve been linking to, send me an email with your details and I’ll send you a reading list periodically.

Have you joined Instagram yet? I’m a bit addicted. You can follow us (ie. a whole lotta pics of Love boys) at ‘mummalove’. Here are some shots we’ve shared in the past week. 


For our first ever giveaway to celebrate Down syndrome awareness this October (I’m aiming for three this month), we’re giving away a little gift pack to one of our readers. The gift pack will include a cosmetic bag (15x20cm, lined, with zipper), donated by the incredibly talented Handmade by Helena (thank you Helena!), and a copy of a beautiful book called ‘Bloom‘ by one of my most favourite bloggers, Kelle Hampton. Not only is the book beautifully written, but Kelle Hampton’s photographs are breathtaking. You can watch the trailer for Bloom here (yep, makes me cry every time 😉 and check out her blog here.

Please leave a comment below this post to enter and one commenter will be picked at random using random.org. Make sure your email address is included (only I’ll be able to see it though) 🙂 Entries will close midnight (AEST) on Sunday 14th October and the winner will be notified by email and announced on the blog. Good luck!

I am so grateful for your thoughts and comments, so please reply below.

  1. That trailer is amazing. I have only just started reading Kellie’s blog thanks to your recommendation. Kellie, yourself, and so many other parents out there are definitely doing what they have set out to do. Opening our eyes to these amazing children, their beauty and strength and the pure astonishing love that surrounds them and that they bring into the world. These kids are smart before they were born – they have chosen to come into families who embrace them, learn from them, teach becaiuse of them and expand the minds of others. Thank you. xoxo

  2. Oh how I love those photos – I especially love the one of Nicholas reading the newspaper and the boys sitting with each other while they watch TV. Keep them coming!

  3. Your boys are just gorgeous. I love reading your blog and hearing about what you and your boys are up to. The photos are beautiful 🙂

  4. it doesn’t matter how busy I am Anne, or what mood I’m in…i need to read your blog the minute I see your post, because I always know I’m going to find something there that I need to hear at just the right time. We are so lucky to share this journey with you babe…from the bottom of my heart…thankyou…and I LOVE all the pics you post xox

  5. Annie, love your reflections. The bloom trailer made me cry. Reflecting on all the wonderful and difficult things truly has its rewards. Keep writing x

  6. That video made me cry too Annie…. Love reading your posts, and especially love following your little family on Instagram. It seems you always have the camera ready just at the right moments. x

  7. I have watched the Bloom trailer before….tears and smiles each time! Thanks for sharing your BLOG Annie, your words, energy and love bring insight and positivity each time. xx ps. Your photos are amazing!

  8. spent some time this morning reading your blog from start to finish, lovely story. I enjoyed your open honesty; and look forward to following your rollercoaster ride.

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