September 2, 2012



I often say that you can fall desperately in love with someone but it’s hard to know whether you’re going to be on the same page when you become parents. I am thankful that the love of my life also happens to be a wonderful Daddy and we have a pretty similar approach to parenting – firm enough to give them boundaries and security, plus a whole lotta love.

In the ‘darkness’ following Nicholas’ diagnosis, I did have fleeting moments where I wondered whether being a parent to a child with special needs may have been too much for us and our relationship. In those moments, I underestimated us. When I watch Ben with our boys, how much love he has for each of them, how proud he is of them already, I know he’s going to continue being their loudest cheerleader, whether chromosomally enhanced or not. Those little men are going to learn so much from their Daddy-o. They already embrace his hobbies wholeheartedly…just try and wrestle an expensive camera or sharp garden tool out of their hands!

On this Father’s Day, I’d like to say thankyou to my beloved husband for being such a great Dad to our three beautiful boys. You are the king of scootering, the master of ‘upside-down-to-bed’, you can fix anything, cook the most delicious bacon and egg sandwiches, and tell the best stories. Thank you for loving each of our little Loves to the moon and back, with all your heart and soul. I know you do.

I am surrounded by amazing men in my life. I am blessed to have a wonderful Dad, affectionately known as ‘Big Al’, who is a father to seven and now grandfather to 19. In his quiet way, he has loved, taught and nurtured each and every one of us throughout our lives. He comes over to fix things, never needing to be asked twice (sometimes he’ll even fix things you didn’t even know needed fixing ;). He cried with me when we found out about Nicholas having Down syndrome, and I know that he is always going to be one of our biggest supporters. He has also managed to raise three pretty incredible (and, they would say, extremely handsome) sons, as well as daughters who have impeccable taste in men, and all those daddies are doing a great job raising this tribe of grandchildren.

To my beloved Ben, super Dad, and amazing bunch of brothers and brothers-in-law – Happy Father’s Day.

I am so grateful for your thoughts and comments, so please reply below.

  1. Hard to know if it was the words or the photographs that got me most…both incredible my love. Thkyou for sharing xox

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