Lifelong dreams

One of my lifelong dreams has just been fulfilled. Well, maybe not ‘lifelong’ but certainly something I’ve been keen to do for the past five years or so. I’ve just had my handwriting turned into a font and I LOVE it. It’s funny, I created my header but was never quite happy with the font used to type ‘MummaLove’ … but now it’s ‘me’. Hooray. So this is just a little post dedicated to Amanda to say thankyou for helping to fulfill a dream. She has just uploaded her most recently created fonts here at Fonts for Peas so have a look, download, enjoy.

0 thoughts on “Lifelong dreams

  1. ok…read your first post, LOVED it…then decided to start at the start…what a novel idea!!! first comment…your writing has not changed in 25 years!!!! it is EXACTLY as i remember it!!! ok…more reading to do…you are amazing xoxoxox

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