Helping you find your lighteven through the darkest of times.


Everyone's always going on about the importance of 'self-care', but what even is self-care? And how on earth do you fit it into your already busy life? Take this quick quiz to access your self-care assessment. 

After having three children in under four years, two with complex health needs, I understand how it feels to fall to the bottom of my own list of priorities.

As women, we play so many different roles and our own needs are often lost in a sea of family priorities. Perhaps you can't even remember what brings you joy anymore, it's been so long since you thought about it or had time to fit anything else in to the to-do list. I'd love to help you reconnect with yourself again and reignite the spark that makes you YOU.



You are unique. Through my personalised coaching process, I can help you rediscover what lights you up and brings you joy.

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With me, you will have a calm and safe space to discuss whatever you need to without fear of judgement. I want you to feel seen and heard.

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Through work on your mindset, values and confidence, I can help you find clarity around your purpose and direction, and create more space for you.

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“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”


life coaching

Imagine how it would feel to have someone beside you, cheering you on, offering gentle guidance and keeping you on track as you work towards your goals? As a qualified life coach, I can help you make your dreams happen and live your best life.

The Light Seekers' Lounge


Our parenting journey has been a bit of a rollercoaster and we’ve learned the hard way how to navigate through some pretty tumultuous times. This podcast is about finding light even in the midst of darkness. We’re going to share stories and conversations along the way, and talk about how we create our best life even when things feel hard. We'd love you to join us on our quest to keep finding joy.

What my coaching clients say


This experience in itself felt overwhelmingly delicious and healing.  If you are wanting someone to hold you lovingly whilst gently opening your eyes to finding the real you, Annie is the coach for you.

Rowena Hobbins


I felt like I could get on track to moving towards my goals instead of staying stagnant. I am confident again in my abilities! I hugely appreciated Annie's time and efforts. She has helped me so much.

Polly Ritchie


I instantly felt comfortable. I felt my feelings, fears, concerns were valid and that my goals were attainable. I suddenly had a refreshed sense of drive and opening up and speaking to Annie came with ease.

Kathryn Richards

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Annie Love

I'm a wife, Mum, life coach and creative spirit. After a pretty tumultuous decade, witnessing two of my children face big health challenges and grieving the loss of my youngest son, I have learned some big life lessons - like maybe the best life happens in amidst all the messy chaos, rather than when it looks perfect. Maybe the best life happens when we works out what lights us up and brings us joy. 

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Beautiful You Coaching Academy award finalist
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