47/52 {a few of my favourite things}

I feel a little like a broken record this time of year. Tired, frazzled, exhausted, busy, overcommitted, and repeat.

I know the preferable answer is to slow down, but I also know that’s unlikely right now. As we are just over a week away from school holidays commencing, the end-of-year celebrations for school, work and other groups are in full swing, not to mention the seemingly endless list of things that need to be finalised before the boys are home full time for eight (!!) weeks. And, that’s okay. It is what it is.

Instead, I’ve decided to just keep reminding myself of all the nice things about this time of year, the little moments we are experiencing and the things we’re looking forward to.

// Having my little family all home together again, with no one away or in hospital.

// Listening to little voices singing Christmas carols and watching some super cute actions at the school concert.

// Celebrating the annual Christmas event with our wonderful work team last weekend, which this year came in the form of a beautiful dinner in our home with a private chef. Such a special night.

// Knowing that we can soon welcome our Elf on the Shelf, lovingly named ‘Matt’, back into Chez Love and see what antics he gets up to. And it won’t be long before we decorate a real Christmas tree and string up fairy lights with three excited boys.

// When prompted with an “I love you”, hearing Nicholas say “I love Mum” at bedtime is like music to my ears.

// Looking forward to going to the Kidspot Voices of 2015 awards event this weekend in Sydney. Also a bit terrified, but I’m sure it’ll be wonderful meeting such beautiful creative people. And I’m pretty excited about the peace and quiet I might enjoy in the process of being away from home for the night 😉

// Watching my future tennis champ perfecting his swing 😉

// Sharing dinner with beautiful women whose children share an extra chromosome, and knowing I am so lucky to be part of this wonderful community.

// Dreaming about future beach holidays, whenever they might happen.

Taking a deep breath and knowing that there are always things to be grateful for.


nicholas: Ragamuffin. Beloved. Keen observer of life and imitator of brothers. Joyful soul. Life of the party. Connector of friends. Love of my life. 

Mummalove-52-47-3 Mummalove-52-47-4 Mummalove-52-47-1

charlie: Creative spirit. Marches to beat of own drum. Innovator and thinker. Beholder of magic smile and mischievous twinkle in eyes. Love of my life. 

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my youngest boys every week in 2015.


46/52 {counting down}

As I write, it’s less than 12 hours until Ben comes home after eight days away overseas and I am counting down the minutes until my beloved returns.

I will not tell a lie, it’s been hard parenting without him. I am the ultimate coper, and great at seeing the best in any situation, but I am much better when we work as a team. I am always well supported when he goes away (which isn’t very frequently) and know that I have many people I can call on at the drop of a hat, but it’s not quite the same.

My three boys are pretty relentless at the moment, let alone when trying to face them singlehandedly! At least one of the boys was awake between the hours of 5am and 8pm every day; both Sam and Nicholas had vomiting episodes at different times; Sam and Charlie tag-teamed days off school to ensure I never felt alone (so kind); and then I just had the usual string of therapy appointments and work commitments, lunches to make, uniforms to get ready, and swimming bags, library bags and notes to keep track of. In some delusional fantasy world, I always imagine doing some sort of project while Ben’s away – being up a little later at night working on the blog, or tackling a room makeover. Ha! By the time I actually got everyone to bed, cleaned the kitchen, made school lunches and prepared for the following day, I was lucky if I had enough energy to have a shower before the stroke of midnight. In fact, he will return to the house in a shemozzle, but I’m hoping that’s the way he loves us 😉

Rest assured, my love, you were missed.

And, just like that, we have reached the middle of November. Three weeks of school left for the big boys, 39 days left until Christmas, and so many things left on the to-do list.

2015 is whizzing by.


nicholas: Iceblock delight. There’s nothing quite like a lemonade ice block, especially when you’ve had an upset tummy. You have loved being on FaceTime with Daddy over the past week. In fact, you didn’t really enjoy having to share Daddy with anyone – I wasn’t allowed to talk or laugh while you had the phone – but you were quite happy to press the big red End button when you’d had enough of chatting to him 😉


charlie: Oh that grin. You were in heaven spending time in your cubby on a rainy Saturday. It’s been lovely having more attention for you over the weekend while Sam’s been away. I remember when you were about 21 months and, as soon as we’d drop Sam off at kindy, you would come out of your shell and start chatting away. I was always amazed at hearing your thoughts and ideas that would come out when you had more airspace available. I love spending time with you, Charlie Love. 

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my youngest boys every week in 2015.




Mummalove-52-45-6nicholas: We were enjoying a morning at home after a busy week and I pulled out our box of ‘Little People’ and their associated transport options for you to play with. As it was a warm day, we decided to put some water in the crate so the Little People could go for a swim, but it wasn’t long before you stripped off and decided to join them in the “pool”. (And who needs an expensive pool when you’re happy with a crate, hey? ;)) 

Mummalove-52-45-1 Mummalove-52-45-2charlie: You’ve always loved creating stories and getting us to dictate them for you, so I have been looking forward to when you were ready to write your own. Over the weekend, you’ve been very busy writing and illustrating (or being the “ilschraitu”) of a 35 page “chapter book” of your very own, complete with monsters and haunted houses and dialogue between your two characters, Fred and Charlie. Some parts are really clear and others even you can’t remember what you wrote, but either way it warms my heart to see you creating.

Joining in the 52 Project at Practising Simplicity ~ a portrait of my youngest boys every week in 2015.